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Jeremy Specht

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About Jeremy

Jeremy Specht has been a licensed insurance agent, specializing in Medicare products, since 2012. He finds great satisfaction in educating the public about the ins and outs of insurance. He has earned numerous awards, including Top Producer, from companies like Humana, Aetna, and Messer Financial. He has been able to participate in disaster relief and voluntary building projects, from North Carolina, New York, Louisiana, Florida, Puerto Rico, and most recently the Bahamas. Helping people, whether it is rebuilding their home or simply sharing a comforting scripture, has been his most rewarding work. Together with Andrea, he has enjoyed traveling to over 30 countries and 40 states sailing his boats Lady Andrea and Carpe Diem to the Bahamas, and exploring our own beautiful country by camper with his wife and 2 cats Sebastian and Smoky.