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What is caregiver burnout and why should you care?

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When faced with a prolonged illness or disability, many people require additional support from family members while receiving professional care at home. This additional mental, emotional and physical strain is often overlooked and can be detrimental to both the caregiver and the patient.Frequently, these family caregivers experience burnout – meaning a state of emotional, physical or mental exhaustion – due to caring for their family member. In this state, caregivers may lose their resolve and resign their family member’s care to professionals at a nursing home or hospital just to finally receive relief from their caregiving duties. This can result in additional straining of familialrelationships and the unplanned financial toll of having to receive care at a professional facility.

Who is a Caregiver?

Caregivers may be a family member, close friend, or a neighbor, who provides

regular care to you in your home. For purposes of this program, it does not

include a professional caregiver or home health care provider.

Who is TCARE?

TCARE enables family caregivers to focus on what matters most: taking care

of themselves while caring for their loved ones. With tailored action plans,

tech-enabled insights, comprehensive resources, and comprehensive

resources, TCARE is here to help families navigate their caregiving journey.

How does TCARE’s caregiver assessment tool help identify and prevent burnout?

After registering for and completing TCARE’s caregiver burnout assessment tool,

TCARE will provide a plan of care detailing your family caregiver’s risk factors for

burnout and action plans on how to prevent it from happening. To the right is an

example on how the assessment tool breaks down risk factors:

Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company has reinvented Recover Cash Short-Term Care Insurance to not only help cover

out-of-pocket expenses when receiving short-term care, but also to provide innovative support and cash benefits for family caregivers provided by TCARE!


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Recover Cash Explained

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