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Our motto “We care about you!” is a philosophy we live by in each interaction with our clients.  We care about the community we live in and the people we serve here.  If you have questions, we have answers. Come by or give us a call to experience the exceptional customer service we are known for.  

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Note From A Nurse.  Summer 2021

Staying Healthy in High Temps: Avoiding Heatstroke

Senior are at increased risk for heatstroke due to a number of factors.  Older persons’ bodies are less hydrated, do not perspire as much, and do not notice heat as well.  As we age, our bodies do not adjust to sudden temperature changes as efficiently.  


Other factors that may contribute to overheating are prescription medications and chronic health conditions. Diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease may make a person more susceptible to heat related illness. Diuretics, sedatives, beta blockers, and other medications for high blood pressure and heart disease may make it more difficult for the body to cool itself. 


If you experience lightheadedness, dizziness, sluggishness, or nausea after being outside, GET INTO AN AIR-CONDITIONED AREA OR SHADE. To cool body temperature, take a cool shower or pour cold water on wrists, ankles and back of the neck.  


Prevent heatstroke by drinking at least 15.5 cups of water per day for men and 11.5 for women. Avoid caffeine and alcohol as these dehydrate the body. Stay inside on hottest days. If you must go outside, seek out the shade and go out in the early morning or evening when it is cooler.


Using the above strategies can help you stay healthy during the heat of summer. More helpful tips can be found at


REFERENCES:  Davis, Michelle R. (2021, June 17). How to Stay Healthy as Summer Temps Rise. Healthy Living AARP.

ACA Enrollment extended

You can enroll in or change plans due to the COVID-19 emergency through August 15, 2021

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