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Brittany Russell

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About Brittany

Please meet the Elkin Insurance Office Manager and Agent Brittany Russell.


She was raised right, with manners and a hard work ethic that you can’t find just anywhere. She still smiles when she says hello and says Sir and Ma’am and then takes care of business in a professional manner that is a joy to experience. 


Her attention to detail is a combination of dedication and her years of experience working in a very competitive world of design where every font and color is seen by thousands and critiqued thoroughly. 


When she is not working or volunteering in the community she enjoys spending time with her family on the farm working in the garden, relaxing by the pool, or taking day trips with her husband. 


She is a lover of coffee, music, and leggings. 


She is also very passionate about the Elkin Community with a strong focus on Main Street / Downtown Elkin and according to her list of awards, she does a great job at it! 


NC Young Entrepreneur of The Year

 2015 from NC Rural Center

The Web Smalling Corporate Citizen Award


“REDI” Rural Economic Development Institute Graduate 2017

 “Best Innovation” NC Main Street Award


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